Confessions of a TV Addict

by Kelvin

Posted on Friday, June 23rd 2023

It would be an understatement to claim that I am an expert on television. When it comes to television programmes, I don't have a preference; I enjoy anything. I will watch anything at least once, possibly twice, and possibly three or more times, whether it be reality television, prime-time dramas, or anything in between.

So it's crucial to me to have access to high-quality tools and premium channels. Having a trustworthy source is equally crucial. I receive them both from AT&T. I can rely on them to provide the service I need to watch the shows I enjoy since they have been an established leader in this sector of telecommunications for years.

U-verse TV

U-verse is one of AT&T's entertainment alternatives. They can pick from a range of plans, starting with U-Basic, which has 15 channels. But you can also select to get 200+ channels, including premium channels like HBO or Cinemax (Game of Thrones, anyone? ), if you're like me and you need a bit more variety. The best part is that you can receive TV On Demand so you don't have to wait for reruns to watch it, and you can find new series based on your viewing history. Excellent news for a TV fanatic like myself.

The amazing thing about U-verse is that you can record up to 4 episodes at once on your DVR and stream your programming to up to 4 devices simultaneously from their app. As a result, you can watch what you want to watch when you want to. Additionally, you can watch TV anyplace in your house if you connect their wireless receiver. With few disruptions or connectivity concerns, U-verse makes it simple to maintain a connection to live and On Demand TV.



DirectTV is an additional option to take into account for your home entertainment. This includes cutting-edge HD and exclusive sports and premium channels, and it is made for the ultimate TV aficionado. With the NFL Sunday ticket, you may watch every game live if you're an avid Sunday game watcher. If premium channels are more your style, your membership includes free access to HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and Cinemax for three months.

The Genie HD DVR, which can record up to 5 shows simultaneously, has a storage capacity of 2000 hours, and allows you to rewind up to 72 hours, giving you access to 3 days' worth of programming, is a part of your DirectTV package. Anywhere you go, you can stream TV shows and films using the DirectTV app.

They offer various options based on what you want to watch, starting with their Select Plan of 155+ channels and progressing to their Premier plan of 330+ channels, similar to U-verse. To find out what is available in your area, check out their channel lineup.


Internet Bundles

Nowadays, discussing television without including the Internet is impossible. Like PB&J, they complement one another well. You can choose to bundle your services, which is a nice feature of AT&T's services. You won't just get one less bill each month, but in most situations you'll also be able to avoid paying activation fees as well as a portion of your monthly bill.

The two most popular entertainment services from AT&T—U-verse and DirectTV—are bundled with its fiber-speed Internet. For one cheap charge, you may enjoy their blazing-fast connections as well as the channels you like on all of your televisions and electronic devices.


It's worthwhile to sign up with a provider who consistently provides decent service and programming if, like me, you take viewing TV seriously. That provider is AT&T. With their selection of plans, you're sure to find the ideal combination of channels, technology, and—most importantly—price. Additionally, if you want to bundle your services, you can save even more. Find out today how AT&T can assist you. A happy viewing!